How to solve a “Star Cube Twist Puzzle”

Last weekend I “inherited” a “Rubik’s Cube” like twist puzzle from my dad. It has triangle shaped sides, looking like some kind of star or sth. I think it came from my brother, who’s way younger than me. I asked my daughter, if she wanted to have it and there was replied a quick “YES!”.


So I had ‘that thing’, and didn’t know what to do with it. What’s the name of ‘that thing’? Google wasn’t very much of a help or perhaps it was me, who couldn’t describe it properly. But then, there was an image shown, that looked somehow familiar. Okay, the ‘name’ of ‘that thing’ seemed to be “Star Cube Twist Puzzle”.

But even using the name of ‘that thing’ Google didn’t present a way, how to solve it. So I turned it this way, that way and back and today I finally came up with something. Not a solution per se, but a way how you can solve it, if you have a little imagination.


Today I finally found out, what my professors meant by “transform the problem into a problem you know”.
What I found on the internet was hundreds of solutions … videos, websites, PDFs … for 3x3x3-, but also 2x2x2-cubes. I recognized, that the main principle was that of a 2x2x2-cube … but a little different.
So I sat down and began to do the transformation.

A normal 2x2x2-cube consists of cube like six different colored sides (each with four corner stones) – in the example I found that were white, yellow, green, blue, orange and red.
The “Star Cube” more or less consists of four different colored sides – in my case white, yellow, orange and blue.
So, how to map the star’s four sides to the cube’s six sides.

rubiks star transformation to 2x2x2 cube

Let me explain the mapping. The larger squares represent a side of the 2x2x2-cube. As the star is somehow tilted in comparison to the cube and the sides are of triangular shape, you’ve to ‘cut’ each of the cube’s stones virtually in half. But, as I found out, there’s the third side’s color of the star’s spike missing. That’s shown by the colored little squares in the corners.

So if we take e.g. the 2x2x2-cube’s white side, beginning at the top left side going clockwise: one spike with all orange sides, one spike in orange, yellow and white (where white is invisible in top view), one spike with all yellow sides and one spike yellow, orange and blue.

With the help of that mapping and a little mind twist when watching a video for the solution of a 2x2x2-cube I made it. *YAY*

If you have another solution, please comment below. Thank you!

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